Aims & objectives

By the end of his/her education in LD Don Bosco School student will have developed those values that not only enrich his/her personality but which will help bring about a change in the present setup of society where there will be equality and justice for all. Therefore, the following values are considered to be of prime importance.

Faith in God

a. A deep interrelationship with God that permeates his / her daily life and his / her contact with others.

b. Acceptance of and respect for all religions.

c. Deepening and broadening of his / her religious convictions.

A sense of community

a. Realizing that he/she belongs to a country that is rich in cultural heritage, he/she develops patriotism and pride in India.

b. As part of the school family, he/she especially develops awareness of the needs of others and respond:- both to their spoken and unspoken wishes/demands by generously giving their time, talents and services.

c. He/She inculcates in himself/herself those social virtues which are genuine response to others: responsibility, courtesy, honesty, punctuality, loyalty, obedience, womanliness, modesty, generosity and diligence.

d. He/She integrates Himself/Herself readily with others of various social, religious, cultural and national backgrounds.

e. As a citizen of the world, he/she takes a keen interest in what is happening in other countries and easily discusses and empathises with the social and economic situation prevalent in them.

Academic values

a. Acquisition of knowledge and sharpening of their memory, speed and accuracy.

b. Acquisition of the following skill: observing recording, quoting, illustrating, demonstrating, analyzing outlining, summarizing, integrating, evaluating and criticizing.

c. Power of expression through public speaking and acting: debates, dramatics, elocution, extempore, speeches, dance, music and creative writing.

d. An on-going quest for knowledge that will last throughout his/her life.

e. An inner discernment which guides him/her to choose the correct values even when there is a dichotomy between home and school training or between society and the school.

f. Physical Exercises, sports and athletic skills which help his/her develop a sound mind in a sound body.

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  • Registration

    Registration form for the Academic year 2019-2020 will be available in the school office from 17th December 2018.


    A. Birth Certificate of Candidate (issued from Municipality) B. 2 photograph of candidate and one family photo ( Father child and mother) C. Residential proof of Parents ( Ration Card/Driving License/Voter ID Card/ Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill/ Passport/ Aadhar Card )

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